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August 20, 2019
10:00 A.M.

NOTICE is hereby given in accordance with Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, that a SPECIAL MEETING of the Commissioners Court will be held in the Commissioners Courtroom of the Administration Building, 100 E. Cano, 1st floor, Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas. Discussion and possible action relating to the following business will be transacted:

1.   Roll Call
2.   Pledge of Allegiance
3.   Prayer
4.   Approval of Consent Agenda
5.   Tax Office - Paul Villarreal:
A. 71763   1. Submission of 2019 effective and rollback tax rates.
2. Discussion of 2019 planning calendar.
3. Discussion of 2019 tax rates.
4. Record vote on proposed 2019 tax rate and schedule two (2) public hearings if proposed tax rate exceeds the lower of the effective or rollback rates.
B. 71860   Discussion, Consideration and Approval of a Resolution authorizing Hidalgo County’s participation in an Inter-local Agreement between Hidalgo County and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) for the provision of equipment and consumables related to the Automated Registration and Title System (RTS) maintained by the TxDMV.
C. 71861   Discussion, Consideration and Approval to renew Inter-local Agreement between Hidalgo County and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) for the provision of equipment and consumables related to the Automated Registration and title System (RTS) maintained by the TxDMV.
6.   District Attorney's Office:
A. 71769   DA-Victim Coordinator and Liaison Grant (VCLG) (1281) / Criminal DA (1100):
1. Approval and authorization for County Judge to electronically sign, through DocuSign, the Grant Contract for the Victim Coordinator and Liaison Grant (VCLG) Fiscal Year 2020 contract.
2. Approval to accept the VCLG in the amount of $42,0000.00 effective 09/01/2019 through 08/31/2020.
3. Approval of certification of revenues by the County Auditor for the FY 2020 VCLG and appropriation of funds.
4. Approval to reclassify fringe benefits expenditures to the Criminal DA - General Fund Account.
7.   Sheriff's Office:
A. 71823   Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) 1282:
1. Authorization and approval to apply for the FY2019 Edward Byrne Memorial - Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program with the U.S. Department of Justice.
2. Public Hearing on the FY2019 Edward Byrne Memorial - Justice Assistance Grant Application/Strategies/Narrative.
3. Discussion, consideration, review, and approval of the program Application/Strategies/Narrative for the grant.
4. Authorization for County Judge to sign the required documentation.
5. Authorization for the County Executive Officer to sign required Certifications and Assurances form(s) required for the FY19 JAG Program applications.
B. 71759   Authorization and Approval of MOU regarding TCIS stolen license plate and TCIC stolen vehicle information between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office and authorization for Hidalgo County Sheriff, as user agency official, to sign the MOU.
8.   Executive Office:
A.   Presentation for discussion of the following: 
1) Update on ongoing county owned building construction, relocation and/or renovation repair projects 
2) Emergency situations occurring since last agenda meeting
9.   Human Resources:
A.   Requesting waiver of the Budget Amendment Policy - Personnel Related Amendments (if applicable) for personnel items listed
B. 71802   Approval of Certification of Employee Performance form as a component of Section 8.04 of the Classification and Compensation Plan.
C. 71803   Approval of Letter of Affiliation Agreement with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to correspond with AI-71356 which was approved by Commissioners' Court on 07/30/2019.
10.   Urban County:
A. 71808   1. Approval to “rescind” action taken by Commissioners Court on 8-6-2019-Special Meeting AI-71576 approval of the Cooperative Agreement - City of Donna.
2. Acceptance and approval of “revised” Cooperation Agreement between the Hidalgo County Urban County Program and the City of Donna to be included in the current three (3) year Cooperation Agreement (Years 2018, 2019 and 2020).
11.   Budget & Management:
A. 71832   Tax Assessor-Collector Motor Vehicle Division:
Consideration and approval of Imposition of Optional Fees for Calendar Year 2020 (option A-retain the same fees as 2019) in accordance with Transportation Code §502.401, §502.402, and §502.403.
B.   Budget Appropriations:
1. 71747   Pct. 4 Rd. Maint (1200):
Requesting approval of the Certification of Revenues by County Auditor for R&B Pct. 4 1/3 Paving in the amount of $24,770.43 and appropriation of same
Purchasing Department - Notes:
A.   Hidalgo County
1. 71863  
a. Presentation of scoring grid [attached herein] for the purposes of ranking by Commissioner's Court, the responses received in connection with the Request for Qualifications for Hidalgo County - "RFQ 2019-109-06-12-YZV - Arbitrage Calculation Services";
b. Requesting authority for Purchasing Department to proceed to negotiate a contract commencing with the number one ranked firm of _____________________ for the provision of "Arbitrage Calculation Services" for Hidalgo County.
2. 71854  
A. Presentation of the County's current approved "Pool" of Engineers for the nomination of at least 3 firms in connection with the drafting of plans for an Request for Bid packet for the project titled: Demolition of HC Juvenile Youth Village Facility located in Weslaco, Tx;
1. __________________________________;
2. __________________________________;
3. __________________________________;
B. Selection/Designation of the Evaluation Committee to score and grade the firms nominated for the project RFB: Demolition of the HC Juvenile Youth Village Facility located in Weslaco, Tx.
3. 71838  
Presentation of qualified responsible vendor submitting the lowest and best bid for the purpose of award and approval of the contract (subject to legal final review) for Request for Bid titled: Hidalgo County- "Type D Hot Mix Asphalt-Limestone Only" through project No.: 2019-086 with a commencement date of 08/20/19.
4. 71813   Hidalgo County Commissioners Court decision on the direction with securing a new Electric Energy Provider Contract options:

A. Continue and appoint an evaluation committee to score/grade the RFP responses received/accepted for Electric Energy Consultant [at special acceptance date of 08-19-19] at the Purchasing Dept. as yet unopened and the following time-line:
1. Send Evaluation Committee all responses with deadline for return of Friday, 08-26-19;
2. Presentation of scoring grid for ranking on CC meeting of 08-27-19 w/authority to negotiate a contract;
3. Present negotiated contract to CC for action/execution of same at meeting of 09-10-19;

B. Cancel the Consultant Electric Energy Consultant and return all unopened RFP response;

C. Elect to proceed to select an Aggregation Pool or Coop [or all] to secure an Electric Energy Contract for HC to commence on 12-01-19;

D. Approve to issue Letter of Authorization(s) to and request indicative pricing from each of the following with deadline for submission as form attached requires:
1. Conference of Urban Counties [CUC]-P3/Aggregation Pool;
2. Texas Coalition for Affordable Power [TCAP]/Aggregation Pool;
3. Texas Public Energy Alliance/Coop;

E. Place on the HCCC Agenda meeting of _____________ for selection and approval of Resolution and other required documentation with execution of same.
B.   Sheriff's Office:
1. 71827  
Acceptance and approval of Work Authorization No. 3 (with an estimated cost of $10,886.64) as submitted by Precinct 4 on-call (C-18-228-10-09) project engineer, L & G Consulting Engineers, Inc. to provide Geotechnical Engineering Services for the HCSO's Bus Barn Project.
C.   Health & Human Services:
1. 71852  
A. Presentation of scoring grid for the purpose of ranking by CC of graded vendor submissions for Online Pharmacy Billing Services;
Submitting Vendor Evaluator #1 Evaluator #2 Score
H-E-B Rxtra Advantage 95 90 92.5
IPM 89 75 82

B. Authority for the Purchasing Department to negotiate an agreement commencing with the number one ranked firm of _______________________ for Online Pharmacy Billing Services.
13.   Open Forum
14.   Closed Session:
Commissioners' Court may go into Closed Session pursuant to Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, Sections 551.071 & 551.072 to discuss the following:
A.   Real Estate Acquisition
B.   Pending and/or potential litigation
C.   Private consultation and advice of counsel concerning pending or contemplated litigation, settlement offers, and/or legal matters subject to the attorney-client priviledge under the authority of the Open Meetings Act Section 551.071, Government Code.
D. 71849   Cause No. C-5342-17-C; City of Donna v. County of Hidalgo, et al
A. Requesting exemption from competitive bidding requirements under the Texas Local Government Code, Section 262.024(A) (4) "a Professional Service" for the "provision of legal services/representation in connection with litigation."

B. Engagement with the firm of _________________________ for the "Provision of Legal Services/Representation in connection with Litigation" and authority to submit letter of engagement (subject to compliance with HB1295)
16.   Open Session:
A.   Real Estate Acquisition and appropriation for same
B.   Pending and/or potential litigation
C. 71850   Cause No. C-5342-17-C; City of Donna v. County of Hidalgo, et al
17.   Closed Session:
Commissioners Court may reconvene into Closed Session for the discussion regarding the agenda items listed
18.   Open Session:
Commissioners Court may reconvene into Open Session for the discussion regarding the agenda items listed
19.   Adjourn

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